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My Father Has Health and Financial Problems

My Father Has Health and Financial Problems

I wish to purchase a flat and have two flats in my mind. In one flat the main door facing north, and in the other it faces south. Which flat would be more suitable? My DOB is 18 September 1966 and my wife’s is 9 April 1970.


I would go for the first flat as there is a fair chance that the bedrooms may fall in the south of the house. Making it more Vastu compliant. In any science based on nature, birth dates are not at all important.

We have bought a new flat. My front door faces northeast (when I enter), kitchen is in the south, gas table is in the southeast. Our bedroom in the west. My head is in the south when I sleep. Daughter’s bedroom is in the north. Her head is in the west when she sleeps. It is okay?

Gayathri Ajila

Your house is good as per Vastushastra but if possible keep your daughter’s head in the south when she sleeps. She will be less cranky that way.

Main door faces east, kitchen window faces east, head is in east while sleeping. House has east-west ventilation. Is this okay?


Your question is short and straight so the short and straight answer is: it is perfect!

Our house’s main door is in southwest direction. We all have problems. I don’t have a job. There is a lot of tension in my home. Especially over finances. We sleep with our heads in the southwest.


I see no Vastu problem with your positions. Have patience.

My DOB is November 27, 1966. My wife’s DOB is December 9, 1967. I am planning to buy flat whose door faces north; the kitchen platform is in the south. I face east when I open the cupboard or locker. Should I purchase the flat?

Nitin Pathak

Birth dates are not important. Or you would never be able to buy a house that suits both you as well as your wife. The door location seems be okay and the kitchen platform is perfect. Don’t worry about the cupboard, but sleep in the southwest corner of your house with your head in the east.

My main door faces west. My father, mother and sister sleep with their heads east. My father is facing health and financial problems.

A main door facing west is not a problem. But tell your father and mother to keep their heads south and sleep. South being furthermost from the powerful northern magnetic pull, it allows a person sound sleep, thus improving health. Yours and your sister’s heads in the east is okay.

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