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My Elder Son is Not Interested in Studies

My Elder Son is Not Interested in Studies

My main door is at south. Children sleep with their heads south. My wife and I sleep with our heads in the east. My elder son is not interested in studies, and there is always a problem among all of us.


It appears that you are not using your house properly. Sleep with your head in the south and let your kids sleep with their heads in the east. While studying they should face north. This will help them concentrate.

My Family is going through a lot of problems. From July this year, my father had to be twice admitted to the hospital. Now my mother is diagnosed with cancer. I have two sisters who have been unable till date to get good life partners. I am married and settled in Andheri. My parents are residing in kandiwali. The main door is facing south. My mother sleeps with her head to the north and feet to the south. My father was earlier sleeping in the same manner but now has shifted to another room with head to the east and feet to the west. This house was bought about seven years back previously we were staying in vile Parle where we were all very happy could you please what is the problem and how can we resolve it?


If you have been reading may column regularly, you will know that I always write that one should never keep the head in north and sleep as this could lead to all sorts of problems mental as well as physical. So tell your parents as well as your sisters to keep their head in south  and sleep things will defiantly improve.

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