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My Company is Not Doing Well

My Company is Not Doing Well

I have purchased a flat with the following details: main door facing west. Kitchen southeast. Master bedroom lying east west with windows on both east and west. Another bedroom lying north-south with window on the east side. Does it need any modification?

Antony Thomas

 West door is not negative so don’t worry. Kitchen is in a very good location but see to it that you follow Vastushastra tenets inside the kitchen. I cannot understand the location of your bedroom, but keep your head in the south or southwest and sleep.

The door of our office is facing southeast. There is also a mirror facing the door. The company is not doing well since its inception.

Sindhu Biswanath

I have said so many times that the location of door is not at all important. When Vastushastra was written, laymen did not have compasses to set a direction, so it was mentioned that the door should face the rising sun and thus were the other directions explained. I don’t think a mirror is harmful in any way. So don’t worry about it. But from your description, your office interior may not be as per Vastushastra.

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