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I Have Continuous Health Problems

I Have Continuous Health Problems

My main door opens north while entering. The kitchen platform is in the south. The bedroom balcony faces west & door opens south. I sleep with my head facing to the east. I have continuous health problems. Please advice.


Keep your head in south and sleep. This will give you proper sleep and more resistance power in turn reducing your health problems. Your kitchen seems to be anti-Vastu so kindly keep your drinking water pot in northeast corner of your kitchen and cook in south facing east.

I am 42 years and live in Navi Mumbai. My DOB is on 9.6.1959. The main door of our house is facing east. My bedroom door opens to the south. Since last 4 years, we are having lot of arguments at home which is affecting my children. My son is 16 years old in eighth standard. I am realizing that because of our fights and rifts our children have also become arrogant. Please advice.

Rakesh Dhir

Normally if the bedroom location is in south east corner of the house there are chances of irritation between wife and husband leading to mirror quarrels and naturally they affect children the most. If possible sleep in southwest or northeast corner room with you and your wife’s head in proper south and feet in north.

My kitchen is in the south- north corner of my house; kindly let me known in which direction the kitchen washbasin should be.

Firdaus Ragina  

The kitchen cannot be in south- north direction as they are opposite directions. Either they can be in southeast or southwest direction. Regarding washbasin location it can be anywhere in the drinking water storage pot should be kept in northeast or east in your kitchen.

My DOB is 18.5.1964 and my house entrance is in the south-west. I also sleep with my head in the south-west and my kitchen is facing the southeast. I am still single and my sister whose date of birth is 20.10.1963 is single too. She also sleeps with her head in the southwest. Life has been stagnant for the last 12 years and I am unable to have a steady job or able to get married. Please suggest solution.


From the description of your house seems to be okay but your problems raises a doubt about cardinal direction that you have given in your question. Please re-check the same.

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