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Got Admission For Studies in The USA But Visa Rejected

Got Admission For Studies in The USA But Visa Rejected

I am 23 years old MBA with an excellent academic background. I was a trainee at a reputed advertising agency from May to October 2001. Since then, due to the recession and bad luck, I have not matching my qualification. I got admission for MS studies in the USA, but my head to the North; my bedroom is to the west and our main door faces west. Can Vastu help change my luck?

Arijit Basu

If you have been reading my answers regularly I have always stated that head should never be kept in north while sleeping. According to our ancestors, a dead person’s head is to be kept in north. Thus a person alive should never keep their head in north.

My DOB is November 25, 1971 (08.26 PM, Mumbai). The position of my main door is in the northwest direction and opens inwards the east. The safety door however opens outwards in the opposite direction. I sleep with my head in south direction, facing north. We also have box grills covering all the windows of the house from the outside. My problems are: constant arguments in the house, feeling of insecurity and constant fatigue and restlessness. My wife’s DOB is November 28, 1978 (Hyderabad).

Gordon Dsa

No birth dates please! If sleeping directions were to be based on birth dates, everyone in the house would be sleeping with their heads in different directions. And that itself would be a good reason to get a divorce? The door in north is good but subject you keep it open for 24 hours and allow positive energies to enter the house. But we have two doors in the house for security purpose so the door location is not at all important.

Head away from the powerful magnetic pull the earth i.e. north is always good as the blood circulation in the brain when reduces, in turn, giving proper rest to the brain. So your head in south is good, but your bedroom location seems to be in southeast which is leading to arguments with your wife.

My DOB is July 28, 1960. My main door faces south. I sleep in the east west position. Do not get very good sleep. Also have small health issues every now and then. I am unable to save money from my business and am always falling short of funds.


Vastushastra recommended door direction for laymen who do not have the compass. Then the other locations to have different rooms were explained with the help of left and right. Regarding lack of sleep, your bedroom must be in north or northwest. To overcome this keeps your head in south and sleep. Things will improve.

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