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Flouting Vastu principles?

Flouting Vastu principles?

Mr. Bharat Gandhi seems give answers based on his personal opinion of Vastu and not an expert. Vastu is based on religious scripture and to concoct our own version amounts to an insult to the author. Direction of the doors/ entrance has a key role in any type of structure in our topography. In Vastu, everything has an important role to play. Vastu experts have just followed the scriptures. This is a sensitive subject and flouting its principles leads to problems over time. It seems Mr. Gandhi mixes some other art with Vastu.

Hemant Kane

Bharat Gandhi responds:

What is Vastu? It is an architectural encyclopedia from the Vedic age, which mentions room size, column height etc to even a layman, as there were no architects in that age. Vastushastra described climatology and the lifestyle of Indians. In the absence of compass, the tenets of Vastushastra were preached in relation with the path of the sun path.

The door of a house had to open in the east (direction of sunrise). On the left was the living room (north); the kitchen had to be on the right (south); the master bedroom in the southeast; etc. Thus the door was not important. It acted only as a guideline. The location was more important.

It is unfortunate that people want readymade solutions. Vastu is chiefly a scientific draft but it is coated with religion was the vehicle of communication. So was it during the age of Christian fundamentalism in Europe. Even Galileo was made to look like a fool. These sciences were written in olden times when there were few educated people and it was easier to use image of punishing gods instead of scientific reason to describe the effects to sun, magnetic current etc. perhaps there was a script that explained scientifically the theory of Vastu. But it is lost, like the original Vastu script.

My main door and bathroom door open in the west. I sleep with my head facing east. I am unemployed for the last 18 months.


From your description it seems your house is quite okay as per the tenets of Vastushastra. Keep your head in the east and feet in the west when you sleep. By doing this, you could be more commanding and hence will get a job easily.

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