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Expert Advice 46

Expert Advice 46

My birth date is 24 August 1977. I sleep with my head to the north. My main door faces east. What are the best positions in a flat which are positive? What are the ways to block negative energies? Which direction should the main door and bedroom door face?

Dhiraj S Mandwe

Change the head location to south and things will improve. But it will take some months. Door is in good direction. Bedroom in southwest is the best.

My gas stove is facing south, our drinking and cooking water west. The fridge is in the north. Does a leaking tap have negative effects on the mind and house? What can I do to improve the relationship between me and my husband and improve money matters are my health?

P M Patel

South is a good direction for the gas. Water should be kept in the northeast and fridge in the north is good. A leaking tap is irritating and can affect relationships; please get it fixed. Also, improper sleep makes one irritable and spoils relationships. Sleep as per Vastushastra tenets to improve relations.

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