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Expert Advice 46 A

Expert Advice 46 A

Our door is in the north. We sleep in the east-west position, but we are facing some problems. Please advice.


It appears from your query that you are as per Vastushastra, so don’t worry – problems come and go.

We are facing severe difficulties in our careers and hence are steeped in financial difficulties. Opportunities come our way but do not finally materialise. My husband and I sleep with our heads to the south. Our main door is SSW. My kitchen stove is in the east and I cook facing east. Our drinking water is in the North. Our bedroom is in the SE sector of our flat. We live near the sea and so we have strong winds passing through our flat from the west and NW directions. Is this harmful?

S Chowdhary

Vastu- wise your house is quite positive. The only slightly negative thing is the location of your bedroom. If possible, sleep in southwest corner of your house and things may work out properly.

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