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Expert Advice 40

Expert Advice 40

My date of birth is February 22, 1965. My flat entrance is facing towards east, kitchen, bathroom & bedroom also face east. Our bed is located in south east and we sleep with our heads to west. I am facing difficulties in finance as well as career, please advice on how to proceed.

Shankar Iyer

From the description of your house it seems that there is regular irritation between you and your wife. This could be leading to hindrance in career and finance. To overcome this problem partly, change your head location to south and sleep.

My date of birth is July 27, 1947. I sleep with my head towards the east. My main door faces the west. I do not get any fruits of all my hard work. Please suggest how I can prosper.

Swati sal

Hard work always pays, but to get faster returns located south west corner of your house or your room and sleep with your head in proper east and sleep.

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