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Advantage of becoming Vastuadvisors channel partner

Advantage of becoming Vastuadvisor’s channel partner

Get a computerized Vastu report in a few minutes.

With Vastuadvisor exclusive android application and Vastuadvisor.com, you can check your client's premises’ Vastu in a matter of a few minutes.

Vastuadvisor.com software provides you evaluation and recommendation for premises like an apartment, bungalow, office, restaurant, hotel, and industries. You can also select a number of rooms for different types of premises as per your

Vastuadvisor Software gives 100% accurate Vastu solution.

Vastuadvisor.com Software report offers accurate Vastu assessment and calculations for any type of premise, which includes evaluation, recommendation, and plans. This software is based on the principles of climatology.

Evaluations and recommendations in the form of percentage.

Vastuadvisor.com Software and Vastuadvisor android based application have all the sets of calculation/evaluation and recommendation required for Vastushastra analysis and for providing Vastu consultancy. It also contains tentative plans of rooms/areas for specific premises. If you are looking for Vastu Software, which includes a detailed assessment of Vastu based on scientific reasoning, then check out Vastuadvisor.com and enrol as a channel partner.

Trusted Vastuadvisor Software for over two decades

Vastuadvisor.com is a pioneer in Vastu Software development, and its Software is used by over 100 satisfied Vastu advisors. Vastu advisors who are using this software have consulted for thousands of satisfied clients. Our users include architects, civil engineers, astrologers, and Vastu consultants.

Fully Customizable Vastu report with your (consultants) name.

Vastuadvisor.com Software and Vastuadvisor android based application give you the option to customize the reports (white labelling). You can choose a template available in Vastuadvisor.com Software to generate Vastu reports in your name or your company's name.

Cost Effective Vastu Software

Vastuadvisor.com Software and Vastuadvisor android based application are the cost-effective Vastu software and its access is available to channel partners only. To register as channel partners, you have to pay nominal fees of Rs. 2,000/*- only.

The use of Software is Rs. 999/- per Vastushastra report, irrespective of premises size and type.

To become channel partner simply click the ‘Register now’ button!

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